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Your Trade Proposal Sucks

Matt Kemp, asking God to please move him from this awful team

One of the best parts about trade deadline season are the simply absurd trade proposals that crop up, as seemingly-knowledgable fans concoct hilariously one-sided trades.  Here are some recent examples found on the magic of the internet.  The inspiration for this post came a few days ago, when Pete Orr being scratched from an AAA game lead to one of the more unbelievable trade rumors yet:

Some rumors flying around tonight with the late scratch to Pete Orr from the lineup. The rumor is that the Phillies and Dodgers are talking about a trade involving Matt Kemp to include Domonic Brown and possibly Pete Orr. It’s no secret that the Dodgers are looking to save money after declaring bankruptcy and dropping Kemp’s $6.95 million salary for this season would be a good start. Just a rumor, but something to think about.

One of the premiere bats in the game for a good corner OF prospect and a 30-something year old journeyman.  I know the Dodgers are bankrupt, but they’re not idiots.  Unfortunately, with the Dodgers and Mets having money trouble, any trade that helps them “get money off the books” will suddenly sound reasonable.

The second comes from a chat held by Prospect Insider’s Jason Churchill:

Pineda, Liddi, Halamn for Lawrie, d’Arnaud, Lind, and Snider who says “no” first? 

That would be Ace Of The Future Michael Pineda, AAAA 3B “prospect” Alex Liddi and the breaking-ball befuddled Greg Halman for Brett Lawrie, catcher of the future Travis D’Arnaud, the resurgent Adam Lind and the ever-hungry Travis Snider.  One dominant pitcher and two crappy prospects for two very good prospects and two every day MLB players.  Fair and balanced this is not.

Here’s a list of gems from MLBTradeRumors.  First

How does this deal look for the Phillies?

Soria and Francoeur


Singleton, Cosart and May

The Phillies need a closer and a RH outfield bat and the Royals need young RH pitching

Hint for people trying to craft a trade deal: Jeff Franceour friggin sucks and is not worth any prospect in the Top 100, let alone 3.

Here’s another

Diamondbacks: Kuroda for Brandon Allen
Reds: Kuroda for Yonder Alonso or Devin Mesoraco
Rockies: Kuroda for Ian Stewart
Yankees: Kuroda for Jesus Montero

Somehow, a 25 year old crushing in the hitter heavy PCL = A monstrous bat and an elite catching prospect = an AAAA outfielder = A DH having a hard time hitting in AAA = Hiroki Kuroda.

And another:

Jesus Montero for Matt Garza. Who says no?

Common sense does.


Profar for Bell straight up ?

Ah yes, one of the best, up-and-coming shortstops for 2 months of a reliever.  I doubt even Bill Smith makes that trade.

As the deadline approaches, I am sure that we’ll see more and more of these types of trade proposals, so keep your eyes open!

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